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1943   Born, Albuquerque, NM
1964   Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, CA
1965   Chouinard Arts Institute, Los Angeles, CA
2006   Two Artists ~ Two Worlds, the Drawings of Ed Ruscha and Robert Williams, Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery, Pasadena, California
2001   Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana, California (solo)
2000   Best Intentions, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York, NY (solo)
2000   Copra Nason Gallery, Culver City, CA
2000   Customized: Art Inspired by Hot Rods, Low Riders and American Car Culture, Institute of Conteporary Art, Boston, MA
2000   Made in California, Los Angeles County Art Museum, CA
1999   Hollywood Art Center, Miami, FL
1998   Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach, CA
1997   Malicious Resplendence, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York (solo)
1995   Psychopathia Aesthetica, Mambo Gallery, Sydney, Australia (solo)
1995   Mean Art, Julie Rico Gallery, Lollapalooza Tour
1995   Visions in the Vernacular, Tamara Bane Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (solo)
1995   It's Only Rock and Roll: Rock and Roll Currents in Contemporary Art, The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH
1995   San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA (solo)
1994   Kustom Kulture: Von Dutch, Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth, Robert Williams, and Others, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA
1994   Chaos and Cyber Culture, Julie Rico Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1994   Finale, Psychedelic Solution, New York, New York
1992   The Other Side, Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York (solo)
1990   Tamara Bane Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (solo)
1989   La Luz de Jesus, Los Angeles, CA (solo)
1988   Psychedelic Solution, New York, NY (solo)
2001    Rogers, Tony. 'Robert Williams: Best Intentions', NY Arts, March
2001    McCormick, Carlo. 'Best Intentions: New Work by Robert Williams', Juxtapoz, Jan/Feb
1998    Mahoney, Robert. 'Robert Williams', Time Out New York, January 15-22
1998    Scott, Whitney. 'Must See' New York Post, January 17
1998    Pecorelli, John. 'Robert Williams: Barbarian at the Gate', Artcollector International, Volume 2, Number 2
1997    Sutton, Jeneveve. 'Robert Williams', Carbon 14, #10

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