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Auction Results and Indebt Information on Richard Misrach Art

1949   Born in Los Angeles, CA
1973   Nat'l Endowment for the Visual Artist's Fellowship
1977   National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship
1979   J. Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship
1984   National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship
1988   Infinity Award for "Desert Cantos" International Center for Photography
1992   National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship
1994   Distinguished Career in Photography Award Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies
1998   Center for Creative Photography, Tucson
1999   Commission, “The Last Best Place”, The Nature Conservancy
2000   Photo-eye Books Best Contemporary Monograph for 2000, runner-up, for The Sky Book
2001   Knight Purchase Award for Photographic Media, Akron Art Museum
2002   Kulturpreis for Lifetime Achievement in Photography, German Society of Photography
2006   “Chronologies” Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco
2006   “Chronologies” Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York
2005   “On the Beach” Marc Selwyn Fine Art, Los Angeles
2004   “Richard Misrach: On the Beach” Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco
2004   “Richard Misrach: On the Beach” Pace/MacGill Chelsea, San Francisco
2003   “Richard Misrach: On the Beach” Grant Selwyn Gallery, Los Angeles
2002   “Richard Misrach: Desert Scrubs” Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco
2002   “Richard Misrach: Battleground Point” Robert Mann Gallery, New York
2002   “Richard Misrach: Berkeley Work” Berkeley Art Museum, California
2002   “The Pit” Galerie Sho, Tokyo
2001   “Richard Misrach, Golden Gate” Photology, Milan
2001   “Richard Misrach” FIAC, Paris (Michael Hue-Williams Gallery)
2000   “Richard Misrach” (Skies in large format, Heavenly Bodies, Night Skies), Curt Marcus, New York
2000   “Richard Misrach” (Skies, Heavenly Bodies), Michael Hue Williams, London
2000   “Golden Gate” G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle
2000   “Golden Gate” Galerie Zur Stockeregg, Basel International Art Fair
2000   “Golden Gate: A Work in Progress” Jan Kesner Gallery, Los Angeles
2000   “Cancer Alley” High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia
1999   “Golden Gate” Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco
1999   “Golden Gate Studies: The View from my Front Porch 1997-1999” Robert Mann Gallery, New York
1999   “Desert Cantos del Desierto” Diputacion de Granada, Spain, traveled to Madrid, Bilbao and Valladolid
1998   San Jose Museum of Art
1997   The Contemporary Museum Honolulu
1997   Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
1996   Center for Creative Photography Tuscon
1996   Perpetual Mirage: The Desert West in Photographic Books and Prints, Whitney Museum of American Art NY
1994   Landscape as Metaphor, Denver Art Museum (catalog, traveled) Denver
1993   Between Heaven and Home, National Museum of American Art Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC (traveled)
1993   Mexico Through Foreign Eyes, International Center for Photography (catalog) NY
1991   Biennial Exhibition, Whitney Museum of American Art NY
1991   Ansel Adams Center, Friends of Photography San Francisco
1991   California Museum of Photography Riverside
1990   The Photographer's Gallery London (traveled)
1988   National Gallery of Art Wellington, New Zealand (traveled)
1984   New Acquisitions: Recent Color, Museum of Modern Art NY
1984   Photography in California: 1945-1980, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art San Francisco (catalog, traveled)
1981   Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art (catalog) NY

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