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Peter Lik Biography:

Peter Lik is the world’s most innovative and prolific landscape photographers.
His passion and dedication to his craft are unsurpassed, and Peter is recognized as the leaders in his field.
He was born in Melbourne Australia and is the only son of Czech immigrant parents. Completely self taught, Peter’s talent for photography was evident from an early age.

He first picked up a camera at the age of eight, and has retained a spirit and enthusiasm for his work that is equaled only by his unbounded energy and deep affinity for the land.

It was while travelling in Alaska in 1994 that Peter’s fascination with photography took a dramatic turn. Previously only working with 35mm cameras, he discovered the encompassing view of the panoramic camera and he was converted. It opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities and took him to another level in his photography.

Peter Lik opened his first gallery in his hometown of Cairns, Australia and due to an overwhelming demand, it was followed almost immediately by a second in Port Douglas.

Now with Galleries in Sydney, Noosa, Hawaii and Las Vegas, Peter Lik has established a credible presence worldwide. With handcrafted local timber floors and unique custom designed furniture, his galleries radiate a beautiful ambience and are a fitting environment in which to profiile his work.

Entering a Peter Lik Gallery is a total sensory experience. His connection with the heart and soul of the landscape is evident in his incredible images. From the soulful portraits of the vast heartland deserts, to the pristine beauty of the reefs and rainforests, Peter Lik captures the true feeling of the land like no other.



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