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His performances, videos, multimedia environments, sculptures, installations, photographies and drawings from the late sixties on focus on the discussion of the mass-media and the family as being the repressive determinants of an american society marked by clichÚs, sex and violence. McCarthy┤s favourite materials for taboo-breaking arrangements like ˘Hot Dog÷ 1974, especially in the seventies, are fluids or victuals like ketchup, sauces, mustard, hot dogs etc. which he uses to penetrate his body in various ways and sexual encounters oscillating between uncouth slapstick and masochistic self-mutilation. Since the eighties McCarthy developes hybrid sculptures, moving figures, and simulated environments in the early ninties resulting among others in the scenical installation ˘The Garden÷. McCarthy┤s captious questioning of sexuality, corporeality, and psychological shifts in a culture dominated by TV and Hollywood in the last years attracted broadest international attention. His work was
presented in exhibitions like ˘femininmasculin÷, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris 1995, ˘Cocido y Crudo÷, Centro de Arte Renia Sofia, Madrid 1994, ˘Oh boy, it┤s a girl÷, Kunstverein MŘnchen 1994, and ˘Helter Skelter÷, Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles 1992. Source
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