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Jenny Saville was born in Cambridge, England, 1970.

In 1990, midway through her BA course at the Glasgow School of Art, Jenny Saville exhibited in Contemporary '90 at the Royal College of Art. In 1992 she completed her degree as well as showing in Edinburgh and in Critics Choice at the Cooling Gallery, London. Following the success of her show at the Saatchi Gallery in 1994, which generated a great deal of publicity for her work (the images were ubiquitous that year), Saville went on to take part in the exhibition American Passion, which toured from the McLellan Gallery, Glasgow, to the Royal College of Art and the Yale Center for British Art in New Haven, Connecticut.

By 1994 many people were familiar with Saville's massive paintings, such as Plan, in which a naked woman is seen from below, her body filling the canvas through a combination of physical bulk and extreme foreshortening. Contour lines, as would demarcate the changes in altitude of land masses on a map, are drawn across the surface of the woman's skin. Saville's increasingly high profile enabled her to exhibit in several shows during 1996: Art On in Halmstadt, Sweden; SAD at Gasworks, London; Closed Contact: A Collaboration at the Pace MacGill Gallery, New York; Bad Blood at the Glasgow print studio; and Contemporary British Art at Art 96 in Stockholm. In 1997 Saville's work appeared in From the Interior at Kingston University. In 1999 Saville's first solo exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in New York was met with tremendous commercial and critical success.

She currently lives and works in London, England.


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