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Anna Mary Robertson ("Grandma") Moses:

Grandma Moses is one of the most important self-taught artists of the 20th century. However, unlike John Kane, Horace Pippin, Morris Hirshfield and other such artists of her generation, she achieved a celebrity that far transcended the normal boundaries of the folk-art field. In the immediate post-World-War-II years, Moses was one of the most successful and famous artists in America, and possibly the best known American artist in Europe. Featured on radio, television and in mass-market publications, she was arguably the first artist to become a media superstar. Grandma Moses invented a unique style that proved enormously popular, and its influence may be seen in art and illustration to this day.

The Galerie St. Etienne mounted Grandma Moses's first one-woman exhibition in 1940 and represented her for the remainder of her life. Since the artist's death in 1961, the gallery has represented her estate.


1860 Anna Mary Robertson born, Greenwich, NY
1872 Leaves home to work as a "hired girl" on a neighboring farm
1887 Marries Thomas Salmon Moses and moves to the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia
1905 Returns to NY State with husband and five surviving children; settles in Eagle Bridge, not far from her birthplace
1927 Thomas Salmon Moses dies
1930s Begins making embroidered pictures and paintings for friends and family
1938 Display of paintings at Thomas's Drugstore, Hoosick Falls, NY, discovered by Louis J. Caldor
1940 First one-woman exhibition in NY and special Thanksgiving presentation at Gimbels Department Store
1946 First Grandma Moses Christmas cards
1949 Receives award from President Truman
1955 Interviewed by Edward R. Murrow for CBS
1961 Dies at the age of 101 in Hoosick Falls, NY


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