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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880–1938)

One of the most prolific and creative of the German Expressionist artists, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (1880–1938) was the leader of Die Brücke (The Bridge)—a group of young architecture students turned painters who were drawn together by their opposition to the academic art that surrounded them. This is the first major exhibition of Kirchner's work to be seen in the United States in 30 years and the first ever to be held in England. This selection of 141 of Kirchner's finest paintings, works on paper, and sculpture focuses on the period from 1908 to 1919, arguably Kirchner's most important period of work, and illustrates his stylistic breakthroughs with major masterpieces from these years. To demonstrate the artist's creative process and the fertile dialogue among his various media, paintings, watercolors, drawings, prints, and sculpture are shown together throughout the exhibition.

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