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For his admirers, Bernard Buffet is the "pure genius". He was admitted in "Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts" at the age of 15, then introduced among collectors by the painter "Aujame" and rewarded "Prix de la critique" (Critics Award) at 20 years old. Bernard Buffet is recognised as a master in his art, and his paintings are collected in the most famous museums around the world. The Surugadaira Museum (Japan) is specially dedicated to his works and displays around 1,000 of his works.

Bernard Buffet represents a typical demonstration of the divorce between the French and Contemporary Art. Popular artist by excellence, Bernard Buffet loved by the public is however detested by elitists whom hold against him his prolixity : 8,000 paintings, water colors,drawings, lithographs and engravings.

In 1947, Bernard Buffet's personality was revealed by his first angular characters, which classified him as a "Miserabilist" like Francis GRUBER or Georges ROUAULT (expressionist movement).

His meeting with Emmanuel DAVID in 1948, was the real beginning of his International career, leading to his first exhibition at the "DROUANT-DAVID Gallery" in 1949.

Because paint was expensive, he saved money by using little on his canvas.

So few material and very little colour, only greys, black, "bistres" and greens. His paintings are strong and breathtakingly unforgettable. Bernard Buffet's style can be recognised among others by a network of "dry" straight lines grey faces, wrinkled foreheads, scarce straight hair, tensed hands. His characters seemed crucified. This new artistic personality is recognised : Bernard Buffet's style is born.

Bernard BUFFET has also been classed as a figurative painter, opposed to abstracts, but also and certainly to painters which practised "Social Realism".

A total of 53 Theme Exhibitions have taken place since 1952 : "La Passion du Christ" (1952), "Horreur de la Guerre" (1954), "Jeanne d'Arc" (1958), "Portraits d'Annabel" (1961), "la Chapelle de Château l'Arc" (1962), "Les ecorches" (1965), "La corrida" (1967) and "Les Folles" (1971) and "L'enfer de DANTE" (1977), "The French Revolution" (1978), "Le Japon" (1981) ... "Vingt mille lieues sous les mers" (1990), "Souvenirs d'Italie" (1991), "New York" (1991), "Les Clowns Musiciens" (1992), "Saint-Pétersbourg" (1992), "L'Empire ou les plaisirs de la guerre" (1993), "Promenade Provencale" (1993), "Sept peches capitaux" (1995) "Pekin" (1996), "La maison" (1998), "Mes Singes" (1999).

The last Exhibition : "La Mort" has been organised by the Maurice Garnier Gallery in February 2,000.

Bernard BUFFET has exhibited throughout the World : London, New-York, Chicago, Palm Beach, Montreal, Rome, Venice, Milan, Amsterdam, Brussels, Bale, Geneva, Berlin, Tokyo.

" Abstract Painting is limited and boring, while figurative is unlimited "

Exceptional engraver, Bernard Buffet chisels his own copper plates, he is also recognised for his remarkable book's illustrations with for instance "La voix humaine" of Cocteau, and the decoration he realised for Serge Lifar Ballets in Paris Opera-Garnier. Bernard Buffet is also reputed for his lithographs.

In a poll realised in 1992 for the French magazine "Beaux-Arts", French people declared preferring Bernard Buffet to Vermeer or Andy Warhol.

He was elected to the Académie des Beaux-Arts in 1974.


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