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1928   Born Armand Fernandez in Nice, France
1949   Studied, Ecole de Louvre
1950s   Studied, Ecole Nationale des Art Decoratifs
1958   Arman attends an exhibition at Iris Clert where he finds a printing error on the invitation (Armand is written without the d) he consequently decides to transform his signature
1959   Arman's career takes on a new orientation with his "Accumulations d'objets"
1960   Arman is one of the founding members of a artist group called the "Nouveaux Réalistes," under the guidance of Pierre Restany
1964   Award: International Biennale of Prints, Tokyo
1966   Award: Premio Marzotto
1967 - 1968   Instructor, University of California, Los Angeles
1972   Took American citizenship

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