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1947-- Born in Westport, Connecticut on October 2nd  

1969-- Lived on a kibbutz in Israel, took part in an archeological dig at King Solomon's temple  

1970-- Began shooting for Rolling Stone magazine.  Her first assignment was Grace Slick  

1971-- Received a bachelor of fine arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute  

1973-- Became chief photographer for Rolling Stone magazine  

1975-- Commissioned by the Rolling Stones to document their world tour  

1983-- Became first contributing photographer for Vanity Fair magazine

           First solo exhibition shown

           First book, "Annie Leibovitz: Photographs," is published  

1984-- Named "Photographer of the Year" by the American Society of Magazine

1985-- Commissioned as the official portrait photographer for the World Cup Games in  Mexico 

1987-- Created the popular "portraits" campaign for American Express, for which she won the Clio Award and the Campaign of the Decade Award from Advertising Age  magazine

           Received the American Society of Magazine Photographers "Innovation in
 Photography" award  

1990-- Founded the Annie Leibovitz Studio in New York City

          Received the Infinity Award for applied photography from the International Center for Photography

           Documented the creation of the White Oak Dance Project for Mikhail Baryshnikov

1999-- Inducted into the Art Directors Club hall of fame  

Annie Leibovitz is perhaps the most famous living portrait photographer.  Her shots of celebrities, including musicians, politicians and athletes, have celebrated worldwide.  Leibovitz strives to incorporate the public persona of her subject or sitter into each of her photos.  Rather than static headshots, Leibovitz often uses her subject's entire body, most often while in motion, to dispel any artificial qualities.  Leibovitz has photographed for magazines as well as prestigious advertisers, such as Gap and American Express.  She is one of only two living photographers to have had an exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery.
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